Free Twitter Followers

July 24, 2011 9 comments

The easiest way to get a lot of followers is to use one of these sites. This is a list of credit based following sites. You get credits when you follow people, and you use credits when people follow you.

1. twiends

2. YouLikeHits

3. TraffUP

4. addsocials

5. LetUsFollow

6. SocialClump

7. Societ Plus

8. tweers

9. friendr

10. FBLikesYou

11. FacebookPromotions

12. Ex4Me

13. fanslave

14. increasr

15. tweezard

16. tweepbee

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Free Retweets

July 24, 2011 2 comments

One of the best ways to get publicity is to be mentioned or retweeted by other people. This is a list of credit based retweet sites. You get credits when you retweet people, and you use credits when people retweet you.

1. TraffUP

2. LetUsFollow

3. addsocials

4. easyretweet

5. Societ Plus

6. AdRetweet



9. BorrowedTweets

10. Re-Tweetter

11. twit admin

12. reTWEET Trader

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Twitter Trains

Using these sites, you’ll get a group of followers in exchange for following a group of people.


*Warning: you’ll have to enter your twitter password and they will spam your account with some promotional tweets.

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Follow-Back Twitter Users

You can get a lot of twitter followers by following people who will follow you back. The downside is if you unfollow them, they will probably unfollow you. Here are a few useful links:

100 Top Twitter Follow-Back Lists

How to use Twitter’s auto and back follow hashtags 45+ to get more followers

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My Twitter History

I joined twitter in April 2009, and for two years I had five followers. I started posting regularly in May 2011, and in two months I got 3,000 followers using the methods listed on this site.

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